Using online solutions and mobile apps to save time and money on a daily basis

In the era of digitalization and automatization there are processes we still prefer to manage personally, even if there are numerous money- and time saving solutions to help us. Banking and financial administration are like this. Why aren’t we more open-minded to solving these with online solutions and mobile apps which could save us a lot of time?

Companies working in accordance with tightening controls of data protection and the PSD2 (Second Payment Services Directive) offer high-level, time-saving financial services with a lot of advantages.

There are many online solutions with accompanying apps which are safely and securely connected to banks. More and more people use some type of online banking services and an increasing number of them use apps for managing everyday financial tasks.

These apps can be used for simple mobile banking, money transfers, online shopping, online loans,  dealing with crypto currencies, etc.

The solution developed by RECASH works in everyones’ best interest: the free app monitors users’ spendings, the AI tracks and learns consumer habits, so it can provide better shopping recommendations. In case of visiting these shops they won’t just save money on daily shopping, but they will also receive cashback. Nothing more is required from the user – no trouble with different loyalty cards, coupons, QR codes, etc.

On the other hand RECASH is a unique supracompetitive marketing tool based on AI that targets the competitors’ customers directly.

RECASH is exceptionally well designed and easy to use, quick and simple. The app can upgrade any bankcard to a cashback card with the user’s permission. The company is a certified Account Information Service Provider (AISP), regulated by the Second Payment Services Directive (PSD2) and supervised by the National Bank or the financial authority in each country.  This also means that the app is authorized to receive the real time banking data of the user.

RECASH is developed to analyse the user’s profiles comprehensively. It detects transactions made at competitors’ stores. In that case, RECASH sends targeted offers and draws attention to better deals at partners’ stores and to possible cash repayments.

Beside finding and targeting the competitors’ consumers, it lowers the cost of client-acquisition and offers essential data to help you understand your consumers better.

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