How to attract new customers in the face of turmoil

As Planet Earth is shutting down due to the COVID-19 pandemic, it poses challenges for most businesses. In every crisis, the key is how resilient your business is and how quick you are able to adapt to the new reality. 
This is no different this time, so here at RECASH, we looked at how we can best prepare and support our partners in this new situation.

There are optimistic and less optimistic predictions out there, but there is a unanimous belief that domestic consumption will drastically drop in the next couple of months.
Businesses in the retail, restaurant, tourism and entertainment sectors will suffer the most due to the sudden halt.

In response to this, many businesses trying to redirect their traffic to online platforms to maintain a steady revenue flow. This is no easy task and they might have to establish their customer base again.
At the same time, already established online stores can find it difficult to stand out in the increased noise and newly emerged competition.

So how to keep existing customers? And how to find new ones in these turbulent times?

We have been working on an innovative solution, that can

1. directly target customers by location and interest, 
2. use behavioural science and transactional data to attract them to our partners, 
3. and it's completely risk-free: we only charge our partners if our users shop with them.

As customers are becoming more cost-conscious they tend to look for better deals. Cashback is far the most attractive offer a business can reward its customers with, and our solution is something you've never seen before.

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