Think before you spend your marketing budget - 3 ways to a smarter budget allocation with Recash

Where you allocate your budget at the beginning of the year will define the success of your marketing strategy for the whole year.

It's that time of year again: it's all about budgeting and looking for ways to drive your business forward. Remaining static isn't an option. Year on year growth is a necessity and not just a 'nice to have'. With that in mind, we know that you're seeking a bang for every marketing buck you spend. 

We understand that every penny counts and that your marketing return on investment (ROI) is how you'll be judged. Gone are the days where anyone can blindly throw money in the hope that maybe some of it will hit and attract new loyal customers: your marketing ROI is a symbol of your success.

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How do you spend your marketing budget to make sure that you are seen as a marketing superstar? Of course, there is pay per click (PPC): the ability to craft an ad and hope that you have hit on the necessary keywords. Beyond the likes of Google and Bing PPC, there is also social media. Create an ad, hope you have chosen the correct audience, hope they click, and then hope that they buy. The thing with these methods is that it all relies on a degree of hope: hope that you have set the correct perimeters for the correct type of advertising. How would removing that hope help you and your company? 

The development of retail technology services means that you no longer need to depend upon hope. With how technology is changing retail, you can now laser target your marketing and boost that all-important marketing ROI. As a retail technology innovation hub, Recash allows you to use insightful retail information to bring more customers your way. Here are the top 3 reasons why your marketing budget would see an increased ROI by using Recash.

marketing budget, budgeting

1)       Don't pay per click - only pay for performance
What if you didn't pay just because someone clicked on your ad? What if paying for a visitor that doesn't act doesn't cost you a penny? What if your marketing budget was only used when someone actually shopped with you? That is exactly the opportunity that Recash provides you with.
Being a disruptor and early adopter of open banking, Recash allows you to target the customers that you need: those of your direct competitors. No longer do you need to guess a demographic, an area of interest, or an age group: Recash means that you target the people that are already buying exactly what you sell: your ideal customer. 

Recash doesn't merely allow you to target your ideal customer. Using Recash is unlike using other retail technology companies: you pinpoint your target market and you only pay once they have become your customer. Once they're buying with you, they have the opportunity to earn cashback on their purchases with you. Not just once, but over and over again. Recash only bills you at the end of the month and charge a small percentage of the cashback paid to your customer. At this point, you've already made your sales, and you've already acquired a new and loyal customer. 

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2) Know exactly where your offer lands

With Google and Bing PPC, you have the option to target internet users in set locations. That's all well and good, but what if you see your marketing budget blown when your ad continually shows for people in that location who are just never going to be your customers? Just how many of your dresses do you think that you're going to shift to that 16-year-old boy who is supposed to be doing his homework?
Social media marketing has been all the rave in marketing circles for some time now. Although the targeting may be more specific than that of PPC, the truth is that those browsing social media are less likely to be in buying mode. So again, you can quickly work through your marketing budget with a pitiful marketing ROI. 

What Recash offer you is a chance to laser target your desired customers and dramatically increase your marketing ROI. Through the use of open banking, Recash means that spending habits can be seen. This includes where people are shopping, how much they are spending, how often, and when. There is never a need to ever again waste your marketing budget with a scattergun approach. Recash gives you the greatest marketing ROI by allowing you to target your ideal customers: those of your competitors!

3) Reward your customers directly

As retail technology services and their marketing techniques have evolved, so have customers: online advertising has now become an annoyance. Your target market may switch off from your ad campaign or, even worse, become agitated by your ad following them around the web. With the cost of online advertising only going one way, and with a plethora of new agencies appearing on a daily basis trying to persuade you to buy in, is this really how you want to be spending your marketing budget?
Your greatest marketing ROI

Recash is an innovative marketing tool based on fintech and AI technologies. Nowhere else can you find the opportunity to focus so closely on your target market in such a meaningful way: Recash is a true disruptor in the market place and the way that retail information is used for your benefit is nothing short of groundbreaking.

With PPC, social media, off-line print, and other media all competing for your marketing budget, if you're seeking the greatest marketing ROI now could well be the time to find out more about Recash and how it can help you to achieve your targets.